Training by resources and tools

The Library invites you to discover search and information management tools, or to broaden your use of those you already know. This training is organised on request; it can be on an individual basis or in a group. Identify the field(s) that are of interest to you and contact us!  

  • BEAST, search engine of the Library
  • Multidisciplinary databases
  • Specialised databases
  • Infoscience
  • Zotero
  • BibTeX
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • And many more …

Advanced search for information

Adopt techniques for conducting a search efficiently.

Learn to utilise professional sources of information in an efficient way. 


Information management

Choose and use software to gather, organise and share your references.

Keep up to date in your field by way of monitoring.


Information utilisation

Learn how to utilise scientific and technical information in all its forms in accordance with professional ethics.

Study the basic rules of citation, copyright and Creative Commons licenses.


Scientific editing and publishing

Discover the various modalities of publication:< the classic route, “Gold Open Access”, “Green Open Access”.

Master the challenges and repercussions of scientific publishing: contracts, h-index, impact factor, altmetrics.

Understand the issues of preservation and dissemination of research data.