Training according to profile

According to your level of study and your status (student, researcher …), various types of training are at your disposal.  

Individual training


Whether you are an EPFL student, PhD candidate, researcher, lecturer, employee or high-school student, you can avail individual training. Use the platform Book a Librarian to make an appointment with a librarian for free and choose the date and time of your training.


* Where to begin my search?
* My search gives too many (or too few) results, how can I improve it?
* How to choose and use reference management software?
* Have I cited my sources correctly?

We are at your disposal to answer these questions and many others. Feel free to contact us!

Group training


Training specific to every level of study is also organised. You will find more information by clicking on your status, on the left:  

Undergraduate/Master’s student

One or more of our training modules may be integrated into a course at the request of a teacher.

PhD student

Four half-day modules are organised several times a year to meet the varied needs of PhD students.



A teacher in a section can request the insertion of one or more modules in his course for his undergraduate/Master’s students, in preparation for the start of semester projects or Bachelor/Master’s dissertations. Training on search tools that are specific to a field are organised on an ad hoc basis or on request.

High-school student

We induct and form groups of academic secondary school pupils who are preparing a school-leaving examination paper on science.