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From searching for information to scientific publishing

The Library offers training on search trategies, management and utilisation of scientific and technical information, as well as on issues and modalities of scientific publishing.

• How to conduct an advanced search taking advantage of resources that are specific to a field?
• What tool would I use to create a bibliography in a few clicks?
• How to avoid plagiarism?
• What publishing model should I choose?

Thanks to our training you will be able to answer such questions.
Training is open to anyone affiliated to EPFL, as well as to Innovation Park employees and high-school students writing a travail de maturité (dissertation) on science.


NoonTalk#5: Research Data licensing

Research Data is a precious good. Where is the balance between protecting it and opening it? How can you manage the way it is reused by others? In this fifth Noon Talk organized by EPFL Library, the topic of data licensing will be presen

Research Data Management workshops

Take part in the next "Introduction" and "From plan to action" Research Data Management workshops organized by EPFL Library during the upcoming semester.

Need a personalized training? Book a librarian!

Do you need help with effective information search, generating a one-click bibliography with Zotero or learning how to avoid plagiarism? Make an appointment with a teaching librarian on the platform

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