Borrowing terms and conditions

Borrowing a document on-site and ordering a publication in the NEBIS network are free. Your library card is required for any borrowing.

General borrowing terms and conditions

Each person is responsible for the documents borrowed on his/her card (see the Library rules)

Number of documents that can be borrowed

You may borrow up to 100 documents at the same time. The number of items you can reserve is set at 30.

Loan duration and renewals

The loan duration for the documents in the research collection is 4 weeks, and for the Teaching collection it is 2 weeks. Some collections may have a shorter loan duration (for example: the borrowing of science-fiction DVDs is restricted to 3 days); feel free to consult us for more information.

The loan period is shown in the BEAST search engine, in the information linked to the owner library in the column “Loan status”.

Without exception, it is possible to renew the loan of a document 5 times, on condition however that the document is not reserved by anyone else.

After 5 renewals, the document must be presented at the library desk.
A renewal cannot delete a fine: thank you for adhering to the loan periods.

In your online account you will also find information concerning the loan periods and the renewals possible.


Ordering a book in another library of the NEBIS network is free of charge. There is a service for posting the document to your home, which service incurs a charge.

Ordering copies and scans of articles in the NEBIS as well as the “inter-library loan” (ILL) service are chargeable services.

See the detailed rates.

Reminder notices and late fines

When the loan expires,

  • an initial return request (free of charge) is sent. You then have 10 days to return the book.
  • at the end of these 10 days, a reminder is sent; this incurs a charge: books not returned are fined 10 CHF each.
  • the second reminder is sent 10 days after the previous one. Each book not returned is fined 10 CHF extra.
  • the third reminder is sent 10 days after the previous one. Each book not returned is fined 15 CHF extra and the user account is then blocked.

We would ask you to check your account online regularly in order to see the status of your borrowings. For sometimes automatic emails are not accepted by the email filters and then end up in “spam” (unwanted emails). Non-receipt of these notices or reminders cannot be invoked as an excuse for the late return of these documents.

To sum up
end of loan period: return request, free of charge
10th day: 1st reminder, 10 CHF per document
20th day: 2nd reminder, 20 CHF per document
30th day: 3rd reminder, 35 CHF per document + account blocked
thereafter: recovery by legal means, 300 CHF (Swiss) / 500 CHF (International)