NT3: Unexpected aspects of publishing research data

February 15, 2018

After a short introduction by Eliane Blumer (coordinator of the Research Data Team at the Library), Stéphane Joost (research and teaching associate at LASIG) shared his experience in data publication. It included three cases with unexpected facets:

  1. Publishers’ requirements: what to do when publishing data is compulsory, whereas the data provider prohibits it?
  2. Case of the cartography of a wildlife reserve in Namibia: it is important to publish in open access to share knowledge on the reserve. However, this kind of information can lead to bad use by poachers. How to find the right balance ?
  3. The Nextgen data case: balance between the interests of the scientific community to access the data and the needs of data producers to receive recognition for their work.

Check S. Joost’s presentation slides.

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