NT2: reusing published content in a thesis

August 24, 2017

Did you know that your thesis will be published?*

To comply with copyright rules, it is essential to adopt the best practices when reusing content published either by you or by others. If you want to know how to reuse pictures, graphs, article excerpts etc… properly in your thesis, have a look at the last Noon Talk presentations!

It took place on Thursday August 24, 2017. After a short introduction, two PhD students about to finish their thesis, Sonia Curnier (LTH2) and Vijay Kartik (LTS5), shared their experience, before the conclusion by Jeroen van Hunen, Deputy to the VPE for the Doctoral School.

Sonia Curnier’s presentation [PDF, 1Mo]. Some of the pictures presented during the Talk were removed from this version to comply with dissemination rights. The complete presentation can be provided upon request.
Vijay Kartik’s presentation [PDF, 1Mo] Library’s presentation [on Infoscience]


* All EPFL theses are publicly available at the Library and most of them are available online on Infoscience.


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