Noon Talks

Interested in talking about research over lunch?

The Library team offers Noon Talks, meetings targeting particularly researchers and PhDs, but open to anyone interested. Noon Talks are moments to meet, share and discover new practices around lunch. The selected topics are directly linked to the research activity and discussed in an open and relaxed way.

These meetings take place at the Library (Rolex Learning Center), between 12:00 and 13:00. Presentations are held in English, but following discussions can be in English or French. Sandwiches and drinks are offered by the Library.


Last event – NT4: Publishing preprints

The last Noon Talk took place on Wednesday August 22nd, 2018 at noon.

What is a preprint? Why publishing preprints can be relevant for researchers?

New preprint servers have emerged these last few years and more and more publishers agree with the preprint publication online.

After a brief introduction on the strategies of publication by Béatrice Marselli, coordinator of the publishing support at the library, two speakers taught about preprints:

  1. Marc Robinson, professor at the Department of evolution and ecology at UNIL, presented the benefits of publishing preprints
  2. Alain Foehn, PhD student at the Laboratory of hydraulic constructions at EPFL, shared his experience submitting a paper to Elsevier.

See Beatrice Marselli’s presentation: Publishing preprints  [PDF] 895 Ko

See Marc Robinson’s presentation: Benefits of publishing preprints [PDF] 1866 Ko

See Alain Foehn’s presentation: Preprint and postprint for articles submitted to Elsevier [PDF] 682 Ko


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