Physics (SB)

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New books

Méthodes mathématiques pour la physique. Vladimir Dotsenko; Axel Courtat; Gaëtan Gauthier. Malakoff: Dunod, 2018. [Print]

The Dawn of Fluid Dynamics: a Discipline between Science and Technology. Michael Eckert. Wiley VCH, 2006. [Online]

Apollo confidentiel. Lukas Viglietti; Charlie Duke. Louvain-la-Neuve: De Boeck Supérieur, 2019. [Print]

A man on the Moon: the voyages of the Apollo astronauts. Andrew Chaikin; Tom Hanks. New York, N.Y.: Penguin Books, 2007. [Print]

Les poètes et l'univers: anthologie. Jean-Pierre Luminet. Paris: Cherche Midi, 2012. [Print]

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