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New books

Le songe ou astronomie lunaire. Johannes Kepler; Michèle Ducos. Nancy: Presses Universitaires de Nancy, 1984. [Print]

Principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy. E. L. Wolf; Edward L. Wolf. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2012. [Online]

Voir l'espace: astronomie et science populaire illustrée, 1840-1969. Elsa de Smet. Strasbourg: Presses universitaires de Strasbourg, 2018. [Print]

Elements of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena. Hidetoshi Nishimori; Gerardo Ortiz. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. [Online]

Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group. Jean Zinn-Justin. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2007. [Online]

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