Mathematics (SB)

Welcome to the library guide devoted to mathematics. In these pages you will find some advice on finding your bearings and finding the documents available at EPFL.

The library is the mathematician’s laboratory

A teacher and his students, and a research mathematician and his students, must have a mathematics library as good as the university can afford, and they must have it down the hall a few steps away. Facts and proofs must be looked up now, other questions will very likely arise before lunch, and still others during the afternoon colloquium. A historian might be able to continue working without immediately verifying an important reference – that can wait till tomorrow. For a mathematican each step of the intellectual structure under study depends crucially on the previous steps, and a missing step could be an obstacle to any progress at all.

I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography, Springer, 1985, p. 355

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