Welcome to the pages of the EPFL Library, dedicated to Science and Environmental Engineering.

Your liaison librarian:

Here you will find information on the documents, sources of information and electronic resources, as well as the services that the Library can offer you.

Your liaison librarian for the Environment is at your disposal to answer your questions and to afford you help and support in the following fields:

# Research: acquisition of books and eBooks (individually or in packages) in order to develop the collections on the Environment, in particular in EPFL’s fields of research: atmosphere and climate, water and soil, waste and pollution, monitoring and modelling; processing of purchase proposals made by users.

# Teaching: acquisitions of the books advised in the course bibliographies in order to make the essential books available in the teaching Collection to the students.

# Publication: training is organised to support researchers with respect topublishing: information search strategies, strategies for managing bibliographic references, and to help with publishing, Open Access, copyright, plagiarism, intellectual property, research evaluation (bibliometrics).

# Infoscience: utilisation of and contribution to the EPFL institutional archive.

# Training in information literacy: customised training, one-to-one or class-based, is organised on request.

# Lending and lending within the network: the BEAST catalogue proposes the EPFL documents (books, eBooks, periodicals, articles and journals). If you do not find the document on-site, you will be able to locate it in one of the 140 libraries in Switzerland in the NEBIS network and order it directly online

# Inter-library loan: if a document cannot be found in our BEAST catalogue or in the NEBIS network, you can request it (fill out a form) from our inter-library Loan service.