The Library supports research and teaching in the various fields of activity of EPFL as well as those of the School of Criminal Sciences of the University. Each field is covered by a liaison librarian who ensures the link with the faculties and sections, in close interaction with the representative of the Faculty or Section of the Libraries Commission (COB).

Liaison librarians

The liaison librarians are your privileged contacts in your disciplinary field. They ensure that the services and collections of the Library respond to your needs whether you are students, lecturers or researchers.

They can offer you or put in place for you:

  • Assistance with your study, teaching or research activities, from when you arrive at EPFL, for any questions in relation to the services and to the documentary services offered by the Library
  • Training in specific documentary resources, on searching for information
  • Help with publishing (Open Access publishing, intellectual property and publishing contracts), and advice on lending visibility to your research work
  • Assistance with contributing to the institutional archive, Infoscience
  • Collaboration on developing information literacy skills (management of library resources, research strategy and information analysis) within the training curriculum
  • Assistance with putting in place a  Data Management Plan (DMP) for your research projects and programmes.

Thematic pages

The Library provides the students and researchers of each of the major fields covered, with a thematic page that lists the information that is more specifically useful to them: particular services, collections of specific interest, current information with regard to the field. They also include the contact information of the liaison librarians who maintain them.