Master’s dissertations

Some sections of EPFL (Architecture, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), as well as the School of Criminal Sciences of the University of Lausanne, file their students’ Master’s dissertations at the EPFL Library. These dissertations can be looked up under certain conditions.


The degree and Master’s dissertations of the Architecture section are listed in the institutional archive Infoscience.

Submissions filed since 2003 are available in digital format. To download PDF files, click on the links (n/a or fulltext) at the bottom of the page.

Degree dissertations prior to 2003 can be consulted on request (a maximum of 5) in the Library. Send a message to, indicating: title, author, year, call number.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Degree and Master’s dissertations of the Chemical and Chemical Engineering section are generally listed on Infoscience and stored under lock and key on the mobile shelves of the basement of the Library (area B5). Some dissertations remain confidential, for example in the case of an agreement with an industrial partner, and are therefore not in the database.

The indicated dissertations can be consulted on request under the same conditions as those of Architecture.

Criminal Sciences

Forensic Science

Selected Bachelor and Master’s dissertations are available in the Library in the form of volumes relating to different subjects (fingerprints, firearms, microtraces etc.). These volumes and the dissertations that they contain can be found in our search tool BEAST and can be borrowed for 4-week periods (according to our usual borrowing terms and conditions).


Master’s dissertations on Criminology are available in BEAST and can also be borrowed according to the usual terms and conditions.