Science Fiction (books and DVDs)

A collection of works of fiction dealing with science is available in the Sciences et Société (Science and Society) area.

BEAST is the search tool of the EPFL library. It allows one to do an exhaustive search in our collection.


Novels are classified by call number 820.31.

Besides novels, the Library subscribes to 2 magazines, Bifrost and Galaxies. The last 3 years are available on site consultation.


The science fiction films are classified on the shelves by call number 820.31 (086) in the Sciences et Société (Science and Society) area. You can look up the complete list of available films.

Our borrowing terms and conditions:

• the loan period is strictly 3 days, renewal is not possible
• the DVDs are to be requested at the library desk
• the DVDs are to be returned to the desk and not to the returns box so that the condition of the DVD and its case can be checked