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Order form

The Interlibrary loan service supplies documents which are not available on the EPFL campus nor in the NEBIS network catalogue, by lending books or providing photocopies. If you have an e-mail address, you may send us your request directly by filling the following form:

You may also print the form and send it by post or fax to the above address.

What can be ordered?

You may order books, journal articles, theses, reports, proceedings, etc.

The Library staff first looks into the Swiss library catalogues or in some other foreign library catalogues. If this is not enough, they apply to the main document supply centres such as the British Library Document Supply Centre, Subito in Berlin, the Technische Informationsbibliothek in Hannover, etc. If necessary, they look for the address of the author or publisher of the document.

ILL and document delivery rules and tariffs

Any reader registered in the NEBIS network may apply.

Most of the documents coming from Switzerland are supplied free of charge to EPFL students and staff; standards, however, are invoiced. If expenses are applicable, the request must be confirmed.

External readers receive an invoice through the NEBIS network.

Please see the detailed tariffs or make an inquiry to the above address.

Delivery time

Documents coming from Switzerland, if available and easily located, are supplied within a week. The main foreign document supply centres also respond fairly rapidly, within a week or two. For all other orders, delivery time is fairly variable.

Documents are delivered in the same way as those ordered through the NEBIS catalogue: by internal mail, collecting at desk, sent by post. This is defined when registering.

Loan period

When documents are borrowed, the due date is often very short, typically a fortnight, sometimes one week. Be sure of your own availability before sending an order. Reminder taxes and fines are based on the NEBIS network tariff.


For any inquiry or comment: please contact , phone: +41 21 693 2196, or the information desk.